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Show up confidently as who you are.

You are in the right place if...

You feel called to release generational patterns and conditionings. Getting to know yourself more deeply in mind, body and spirit interests you because you understand how you show up for yourself makes a difference in the quality of your life. Connecting with a community that discusses energy, intuition and wellbeing as a means to create change for ourselves and the world feels fun and interesting to be a part of. 

How this community supports you

  • Community. There is great power in sharing your journey with others. You get to learn, be inspired, and sometimes, see yourself reflected in those around you. We all want to find meaningful connections that help us feel seen. This community has some pretty wonderful people, perhaps there's a few you will enjoy celebrating your journey with. 
  • Skills. We like to get curious in this community. You will find prompts and practices to support you in exploring and nurturing your inner maven so you continue to deepen your self-connection. 

When you join 

This community is a safe space! Come as you are. Be open and respectful to the beauty and support of the community. Introduce yourself! You are valuable, let yourself share. Listen to what your needs are and easefully show up for them.  We are honoured to have you!

After introductions, I invite you to begin your exploration with this free and foundational course:

Ignite Your Inner Leader; 
Four Steps To Deepening Trust In Your Intuitive Power.

This course is an initiation into building a better relationship with your intuition so you can show up with more ease and aligned influence in your life.


I have purposefully created this group in a place that is not social media. Why? Because I want to support you in a truly safe space. No ads, no distractions, no algorithms. This platform and it's creators truly align with my values, and that is very important to me.
This also means that this community and it's platform may take some time to get to know. Allow yourself some space to explore and navigate the community and how the platform functions. Be gentle on yourself and your learning curve. As with anything, you will soon feel comfortable with a new way of doing things after some practice. The payoff is worth it.

Meet your host - Jen Wende

As a Generational Healer® and soul guide Jen Wende helps with the release of generational patterns and conditionings through ancestral healing to allow people to grow and feel a deeper connection to themselves.

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